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Cardinal Biologicals, Inc. has partnered with our sister company, Molecular Biologicals International, Inc. ( to process our sourced tissues for Nucleic Acid Isolation, PCR and qPCR analysis.

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  Product Name Empty Knocked Down Cubitainer Product Details 10L…
Product Name Empty Assembled Cubitainer Product Details 10L No Spount…
Product Name Spout Cubitanier Product Details Catalogue Number CB102-0001
Product Name Distilled Water Cubitainer Product Details 10L Catalogue Number…
Product Name TR7 Cooler/Box Shipper 12 x 10 x 10…
Product Name TR11 Cooler/Box Shipper 16 x 17 x 25…
Product Name BD Vacutainer Sodium Heparin 10mL tubes Product Details…