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Trusted Partner in supplying Medical Researchers
Since 1988

All of the human biological material that Cardinal supplies are non-transplantable and would otherwise be discarded. Rather than become medical waste, Cardinal helps ensure these materials are recycled and can go on to contribute to pioneering medical research, the education of future physicians, and other life-changing applications.

With over three decades in business, we understand and expertly adhere to a complex landscape of legal, ethical, and industry standards, policies, and procedures. Our leadership team keeps a watchful eye on new standards and practices—keeping up-to-date and ahead of the curve is one of our top priorities.

Cardinal’s donor programs are IRB approved, and we follow procedures that are ISO and HIPPA compliant, work with FDA-approved labs for serology testing, and supply tissue to a number of organizations, including some who are AATB certified.
Since the medical research field is constantly evolving, we understand that our customers’ needs are also ever-changing. We strive to deliver exactly what our customers are looking for, and are equipped to accommodate any special requests. We understand the importance of our customers’ work, and it’s our goal to go above and beyond to supply them with the materials they need.


Partner with Us

The donation of birth tissue like the placenta, umbilical cord, and cord blood is helping researchers make exciting and innovative strides in medical treatments. In addition, de-identified remnant samples that would otherwise be discarded from hospital laboratories can be recycled for research purposes.

Through a partnership, Cardinal Biologicals is able to assist hospitals reduce their medical waste costs while also supplying raw materials to support researchers in their important work.

How Birth Tissue Supports Innovative Research
Birth tissue like the placenta contains amnion, which has properties that aid in the healing process. Donated birth tissue is being used to advance a number of medical treatments, including ophthalmic surgery, dental surgery, wound care, soft-tissue injuries, spinal injuries, and more. Since birth tissue is typically discarded, Cardinal can work with your hospital to reimburse your time and effort for collection.

Ethical Collection and Use
Cardinal Biologicals works with labor and delivery staff to make sure mothers have all the facts when it comes to donating their birth tissue. All tissue donation requires informed consent, meaning parents understand how the tissues will be collected and what it will and will not be used for. Collection efforts do not interfere with the health, safety, or comfort of mom or baby during the delivery process, and we only collect from healthy deliveries. To maximize the benefits of donated birth tissue, the mother will need to fill out a health history questionnaire and consent to a blood test prior to delivery in order to ensure only healthy tissue is donated.

No tissues are taken from potential human-life-yielding sources, and we do not supply to scientists pursing human cloning. We supply to AATB-certified organizations, who use these tissues for researching life-changing treatment methods.

You can read more about our commitment to the ethical collection and use of birth tissue here.

Remnant Sample Lab Partnerships
When hospital labs run pathology tests, there will often be de-identified remnant sample left over that would typically be discarded as medical waste. Examples might include remnant CSF, cord serum, or amniotic fluid.

Cardinal is actively seeking partnerships with hospitals that will reduce medical waste costs for these samples. Rather than be discarded, instead samples will go on to bolster important medical research and treatment innovations.

Interested in Partnering with Cardinal Biologicals?
Please reach out to us for more information about how Cardinal can assist your hospital in reducing medical waste costs while simultaneously contributing to other patients’ stories of healing.

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