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For over 30 years, Cardinal Biologicals has served as a global supplier of human biological raw materials for medical research, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and educational purposes. Cardinal provides high-quality, ethically sourced, and rigorously tested biological material that assists in advancing the greater good of medical research and health care.

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Why Donate?

The placenta and umbilical cord play a vital role during pregnancy, but the job of these tissues doesn’t have to be over once a healthy baby is born. Through birth tissue donation, you can celebrate the gift of your baby’s birth by paying forward the gift of healing to others. Read more about the incredible healing properties of birth tissue, and how a donation can benefit others through advances in medical treatments on our blog.

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Products & Services

Cardinal Biologicals' donor programs are IRB approved.

Birth Tissue

Ethical placenta, umbilical cord, and cord blood collection that aids in pioneering medical treatments.

Semen Donor Program

Seminal fluid collection used for assisting in early detection research in prostate cancer.

Whole Blood

Healthy "control" samples for assisting in diagnostic testing, cancer research, and more.

Now available: COVID-19 Positive Serum and Plasma

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Let Us Do the Searching for You

Cardinal Biologicals has over three decades of experience in supplying biological material. We understand the importance of the work our customers are doing, and aim to exceed your expectations at every step. We’re happy to supply the specific materials that meet your research needs, and willing to accommodate special requests. If you’re looking for something, we’ll help you find it.


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