About Us

Medical Waste Transformation

Cardinal specializes in repurposing non-transplantable human biological material that would otherwise be discarded.

Decades of Compliance Expertise

With over three decades of experience, we adhere expertly to legal, ethical and industry standards. Our leadership team ensures compliance with evolving standards and practices.

Compliance and Collaborations

Cardinal's donor programs are
IRB approved, and procedures
are ISO and HIPPA compliant. We collaborate with FDA-approved labs for serology testing and supply tissue to various organizations,
including AATB certified ones.

Customers First

We prioritize understanding and meeting our customers' evolving needs. Our goal is to surpass expectations by accommodating special requests and delivering materials tailored to our customers' requirements.

Partner with Us

Cardinal Biologicals collaborates with hospitals to streamline the donation process, reducing medical waste costs while supplying essential materials for research. Our partnership model ensures hospitals benefit economically while supporting vital medical research.

Maximizing Birth Tissue for Medical Advancements

Birth tissue, including the placenta and umbilical cord, holds immense potential for groundbreaking medical treatments. By donating these tissues, individuals contribute to innovative strides in medical research. Moreover, residual samples from hospital laboratories, which would otherwise be discarded, find new life in research endeavors.

Ethical Collection and Usage

We prioritize ethical standards in birth tissue donation, ensuring informed consent and minimal disruption to the birthing process. Tissues are sourced only from healthy deliveries, with rigorous health screenings to guarantee suitability. Our commitment extends to partnering exclusively with AATB-certified organizations, upholding ethical practices in research.

Lab Remnant Sample Initiative

Through partnerships with hospital labs, Cardinal repurposes de-identified remnant samples for research purposes. Instead of being discarded, these samples fuel medical innovations, offering new avenues for treatment and discovery.

Join Us in Advancing Healthcare

Interested in reducing medical waste costs and contributing to medical advancements? Contact us to explore partnership opportunities with Cardinal Biologicals. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on patient care and research progress.

Contact Us Now

We understand that the landscape of medical research is always changing, so the needs of today may not match the needs of tomorrow. Our staff is happy to serve your needs by seeking out additional raw materials beyond the products listed above.
We’ll also do our best to accommodate special requests—just reach out to us to get started.