Who We Are

For over 30 years, Cardinal Biologicals has served as a human biological raw-material supplier for research, diagnostic, and educational purposes. Above all, Cardinal aims to provide ethically sourced, high-quality biological material in order to help advance the greater good of medical research and health care.

All of the human biological material that Cardinal supplies is non-transplantable and would otherwise be discarded. Rather than become medical waste, Cardinal helps ensure these materials are recycled, and can go on to contribute to pioneering medical research, the education of future physicians, and other life-changing applications.

With over three decades in business, we understand and expertly adhere to a complex landscape of legal, ethical, and industry standards, policies, and procedures. Our leadership team keeps a watchful eye on new standards and practices—keeping up-to-date and ahead of the curve is one of our top priorities. Cardinal’s donor programs are IRB approved, and we follow procedures that are ISO and HIPPA compliant, work with FDA-approved labs for serology testing, and supply tissue to a number of organizations, including some who are AATB certified.

Since the medical research field is constantly evolving, we understand that our customers’ needs are also ever-changing. We strive to deliver exactly what our customers are looking for, and are equipped to accommodate many special requests. We understand the importance of our customers’ work, and it’s our goal to go above and beyond to supply them with the materials they need.

Our Founding

Cardinal Biologicals was founded in 1988 by George “Skip” Wrape Jr. and Dr. James Koukl. Originally in the business of supplying animal biologicals for research, the pair discovered that there was also a great need for quality samples in the human medical research field. They incorporated Cardinal to help bridge the gap between the ethical collection of biological materials and innovative medical research. 

In 2019, Paul Pfeiffer purchased Cardinal Biologicals. Later on that year, Cardinal moved its central location from Texas to the Midwest in order to streamline shipping and distribution, and thus better serve a growing global customer base.